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Clamping Parts Overview

Översikt uppspänningsdetaljer

The clamping parts overview is a compilation of the clamping devices from our entire product range (standard parts and workholding systems). In addition to the online overview with links to our shop, there is also a printed version available as a poster.


Gängade lyftöglor för hål enligt

Gängade lyftöglor för hål enligt

Gängade lyftöglor för hål enligt DIN 332.

Gängad lyftögla med roterbar bygel

Gängad lyftögla med roterbar bygel

De nya gängade lyftöglorna med roterbar bygel har fördelen att öglan är roterbar runt pinnen tack vare lagerringen med dess underhållsfria lagerbussning.

Gängade lyftöglor

Gängade lyftöglor

Den finns nu i storlekarna M8 till M24 och i TUM-mått.

Moved to the right position in no time

Moved to the right position in no time

Professionals know: Correct positioning is more than half the clamping battle!

Someone "has your back" at last

Someone "has your back" at last

New insert with stand-up for an ergonomic way of working

Upptäck något nytt

Upptäck något nytt

Ny katalog för Standarddetaljer med en mängd nya och innovativa produkter tillgängliga.

Låsmutter – självlåsande

Låsmutter – självlåsande

Denna självlåsande låsmutter kan enkelt monteras med en hålnyckel på alla gängor/räfflor. Monterad, den spänner fast så hårt att den inte lossnar ens vid en motsatt axiell rörelse.

Den kan användas, till exempel, i en slipmaskin för att fixera sliphjul.


Spannmuttern - selbstsichernd
Halder Inuti – osynliga, men oumbärliga

Halder Inuti – osynliga, men oumbärliga

Följ med oss på en resa genom en värld full av standarddetaljer.



Erwin Halder KG is a manufacturer of products designed for clamping workpieces. The product selection offering these "gripping solutions" is categorized into

  • Modular fixture systems
    • T-slot systems (V40, V70, V70eco)
    • Hole and dowel systems (L12, L16)
    • Combo parts
  • Standard parts for fixture systems
  • Multiple clamping systems
  • Multi-vices (MS 125, MS 125eco)
  • Zero-point clamping systems
  • Basic elements

All these standardised products are available from stock.

We also make the CAD data associated with all components available for download in various formats.

Your contacts at our company will be happy to help you find the clamping solution that is right for you. Apart from visits to your premises with our product display vehicle, which is equipped with products from our entire selection, we also offer classes at your training centre, where you can learn everything there is to know about our latest workpiece clamping technology.


Two systems that are effortlessly interchangeable allow you to perfectly adapt the fixture to the specific requirements at hand. The systems can be selected based on workpiece and production process and offer maximum flexibility thanks to their modular design.

T-slot systems

Tempered base plates are fitted with a T-slot system.

This feature makes it possible to fix system components in place and clamp them at the same time. A particularly good choice for machining complex workpieces.

Hole and dowel systems

The base plates with hole and dowel system allow operators to quickly set up and precisely machine workpieces with simple geometries. Hole and dowel systems can reach the same level of flexibility achieved by the T-slot system thanks to mounted combo parts.

Personalised customer service

In an effort to furnish you with the resources you need to perfectly plan and implement your projects - especially in the area of modular fixture systems - we are offering you the following services:

  • Sample design of fixtures
  • Mobile Showroom for on-site demonstrations
  • Introductory seminars and user seminar
  • Training courses for customer's technician at our training centre.