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SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets

Non-rebound means the head of the SUPERCRAFT mallet is filled with steel shot. This has the effect that the hammer does not rebound when striking a workpiece. The full impact force is transferred to the workpiece. non-rebound hammers thus enable fatigue-free work that is easy on the joints.

The replaceable, wear-resistant nylon inserts made of extruded special nylon material protect the workpiece and reduce impact noise when working on metal workpieces. They are also ideally suited for striking sharp-edged parts.

The non-rebound SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets are mainly used for assembly and repair work in the automotive and truck sector, straightening work, sheet-metal work, universal assembly work in the metal sector.

The non-rebound SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets are available with 3 different handle variants:

  • with hickory handle
  • with steel tube handle and rubber grip
  • with ergonomic non slip 3-component handle (fibre-glass reinforced)

All SUPERCRAFT hammers are tested by the VPA Remscheid and bear the "GS" mark.