SIMPLEXソフトハンマー、アルミニウム製ハウジング、 Φ50(取付け部Φ40)
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SIMPLEXソフトハンマー、アルミニウム製ハウジング、 Φ50(取付け部Φ40)

SIMPLEX soft-face mallets, aluminium housing, 50:40

This SIMPLEX soft-face mallet comes with special D50mm inserts that are built into the D40mm housing. The oversized contact surfaces provide maximum protection during the gentle processing of workpieces with sensitive surfaces.

The extra light aluminium housing with built-in handle protection sleeve allows the user to easily apply and control the right amount of impact force. This makes it a cinch to process materials that break easily. It also makes the soft-face mallet a tool with minimum weight that is easy to carry along.

Damping vibrations and shaped ergonomically, the high-quality wooden handle has a double coat of varnish in the grip area and is thus resistant to dirt.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.