Na­rzę­dzia leśne
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Na­rzę­dzia leśne

Our line of forestry tools tops off our comprehensive hand tool product portfolio. We offer both professionals and private users a one-stop resource of premium quality forestry tools that make the task of chopping firewood safe and easy.

Recognised with the “Forestry Equipment Award” in 2008, the SIMPLEX splitting maul has evolved into a bestseller that is widely available through both forestry equipment retailers and authorised tool dealers. The resounding success of this product motivated us to systematically expand our range of all-purpose forestry tools on the foundation of our long-established SIMPLEX technology and our commitment to engineering products that satisfy the strictest quality and safety standards.

At present, our range of forestry tools is comprised of these products:

  • SIMPLEX splitting axe
  • SIMPLEX splitting maul
  • Twisted splitting maul
  • Hand axe