SIM­PLEX-Młot­ki, Wzmoc­nio­ny odlew sta­lo­wy
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SIM­PLEX-Młot­ki, Wzmoc­nio­ny odlew sta­lo­wy

SIMPLEX soft-face mallets, reinforced cast iron housing

The black, reinforced cast steel housing provides for greater stability thanks to the enlarged wall thicknesses and struts. The increase in weight ensures greater impact force.

Extremely rugged and durable, the fibre glass handle offers exceptional break resistance. It is shaped ergonomically and includes a non-slip handle. It possesses a smooth surface and is inorganic (non-sensitive to moisture).

8 inserts with different degrees of hardness in diameters from 30 mm to 80 mm are available.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.