Standard Parts for Fixture Systems
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Standard Parts for Fixture Systems

Standard Elements for Fixture Systems for Workholding

The range of standard parts for fixture systems included in our workholding systems selection encompasses such product groups as seating pins, nuts for T-slots, studs, fixture nuts, clamps, and down-thrust clamps. These standard parts are available from stock.

The selection includes standard parts from the categories of

  • Machine and fixture elements (C-washers, grub screws, seating pins, pins, ball-ended thrust screws, self-aligning pads)
  • Clamping elements (nuts for T-slots, studs, spherical washers / conical seats, washers, fixing nuts, extension nuts, slot tenons, centering pins, clamps, clamping element systems, down-hold clamps, stops, bedding supports, supporting elements, floating clamps, down-thrust clamps, compact clamps)

This selection represents an excerpt from our range of standard parts. It contains standard parts primarily suited for our fixture systems (T-slot system V40 / V70 and hole and dowel system L12 / L16). For additional fixture and clamping elements, log on to

For all standard parts, CAD data in various formats are available for download.