T-Slot Systems
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T-Slot Systems

T-slot systems (V40 / V70) - flexible workholding systems / fixture systems

Our V40 and V70 systems are the classics among T-slot systems and have proven their merits for years.

The T-slot system is based on tempered base plates with grid dimensions of 40 mm or 70 mm.

Since the system parts can be fixed in place and clamped at the same time, you can set up the fixture quickly and with no effort at all. This outstanding level of flexibility during set-up makes the T-slot system a stellar choice for machining complex workpieces.

Taking the V70 series to the next level of performance, the V70eco delivers exceptional quality at unbeatable prices.

The V70eco is composed of base plates made of high-strength steel with 70 mm grid dimensions and comes with mounting blocks that are fully compatible with the V70 system. The cost benefit compared to the V70 T-slot system ranges up to 40%!

The range of T-slot systems included in our workholding systems selection encompasses such product groups as base plates, mounting blocks and consoles. These system parts are available from stock.

The selection is divided into the categories of

  • Base elements (various base plates, connecting elements, supporting plates, clamping elements)
  • Mounting elements (washers, mounting blocks, intermediate plates, slotted clamping angles, intermediate elements, clamping bars, support clamping bars, endstops, stops, thrust angles, T-slot centering blocks, nuts for T-slots, T-blocks, T-clamping blocks, socket wrenches, butt straps, clamping heads, clamping bars, clamping vices, open-jaw wrenches, locating pins, intermediate washers, supporting clamping bars, supporting plates, V-blocks, locating segments, adjustable rotating elements, positioning clamping bars, fixed drilling supports, adapter slot clamping elements, adapter slot centering blocks, adapter slot blocks)
  • Standard ranges (V40 and V70 for setting up several fixtures)

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our system parts available for download in various formats.

The two modular fixture systems V40 and V70 are based on a 40 mm / 70 mm grid (T-slot distance).

One range of system parts can be used to set up several different fixtures.