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A competent Partner

High flexibility, high precision and efficient production are the demands of a highly dynamic and complex market we and our customers are facing.

Due to our high quality standards and our target-oriented thinking aimed at ensuring an optimal utilization of our products, Halder is firmly established as a competent partner helping to meet market requirements.

More than 80 years of experience, around 200 employees worldwide, sophisticated machinery as well as a wide range of products are the essential prerequisites enabling us to rapidly and reliably fulfill the most diverse needs of our customers.

Apart from offering a large variety of high-quality products, equal importance is attached to the rendition of customer-oriented and after-sales service.

As this necessitates a high level of qualification among the members of staff, we offer excellent career opportunities to junior staff members. The share of employees accounted for by trainees amounts to approx. 10 %.

Precision made in Germany - a great challenge which we are meeting day by day on a world-wide scale thanks to our international knowledge.

Threaded Lock Pins

Threaded Lock Pins

Join and release screw connections within seconds

Threaded lifting pin for centre holes

Threaded lifting pin for centre holes

Threaded lifting pins are used when there are threaded holes with a counterbore according to DIN 332.

Threaded lifting pin with rotatable shackle

Threaded lifting pin with rotatable shackle

These new threaded lifting pins with rotatable shackle have the benefit that the shackle can rotate freely around the pin thanks to the bearing ring with its maintenance-free plain bearing bush.

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