HEALTHY for material and user!

Our products are backed by over 80 years of experience in production and application!

This pays off - in QUALITY, SAFETY and HEALTH!

Why? Erwin explains!




Metal splinters when milling or machining - but not when striking!

No risk of metal splinters breaking off as the strikes are executed with inserts that are softer than steel!



Hear what you want to hear!

With our non-rebound soft-face mallets, up to 63% less noise exposure than with a 500g locksmith's hammer.



Any pain? But please not from work!

Up to 58% less vibration on the handle and thus also in the arm, compared to a 500g locksmith's hammer.

The shot filling in the head of our non-rebound soft-face mallets reduces the rebound.



Last longer!

Despite being gentle on the workpiece, the impact force is comparable to, and in some cases even significantly higher than, that of a locksmith's hammer - thanks to the SUPERCRAFT principle.




From crusher to softi - SIMPLEX inserts!

No matter whether steel, aluminium or wood, with our different SIMPLEX inserts you only leave the desired marks and without complicated working methods (use of impact wood, etc.).




Always enough grip!

Shaped ergonomically, our wooden handles and rubber grips contour perfectly to the shape of your hand and will never slip out.





The wooden handles from our SUPERCRAFT and SIMPLEX soft-face mallets are made of hickory /acacia.

The long-fibre wooden handles will usually not break into two parts and are therefore significantly safer than handles made from other types of wood.



Protected - even from mis-strikes!

The handle protection sleeves protect the handle in case of mis-strikes.

Moreover the housings are exceptionally stable and break-proof.

A thick layer of powder coating protect the housing against corrosion.



The nylon inserts of the SUPERCRAFT mallets are the most wear-resistance of their kind on the market. They even stand up to strikes on steel edges (even in sub-zero temperatures).



Consistently high quality!

The welding operations necessary to produce the SUPERCRAFT mallets are executed by robots. This guarantees consistently high quality. The steel shot housed in the hammer head is sealed in perfectly.





The rubber inserts of the SIMPLEX mallets last considerably longer than a conventional rubber mallet.

2 in 1: Two hammers in one tool!

Thanks to the different variations of our inserts with different hardness levels, you can assemble your own individual soft-face mallet for almost any application.



Save cost and helps conserve resources!

Inserts, handles and also the housings of our soft-face mallets can be individually exchanged and retrofitted.

This is not only resource-conserving but also cost-saving.



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