Hole and Dowel Systems
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Hole and Dowel Systems

Hole and dowel systems (L12 / L16) - flexible workholding systems / fixture systems

The hole and dowel system (ø12 F6/M12 and ø16 F6/M16) allows operators to quickly set up and precisely machine workpieces with simple geometries. We can supply the base plates with hardened locating holes (fitting bushes) and coaxial threads in any size you require. Depending on your clamping scenario, you can use them as a stand-alone system or as part of a combined system.

The range of hole and dowel systems included in our workholding systems selection encompasses such product groups as base plates, mounting blocks and consoles. These system parts are available from stock.

The selection is divided into the categories of

  • Base elements (various base plates, clamping angles, clamping cubes)
  • Mounting elements (clamping angles, consoles, mounting elements, clamping bars, stops, clamping heads, washers, stop angles, clamping bars, thread bolts, supporting plates, V-blocks, positioning clamping bars, supporting bars, stops, positioning clamping cylinders, position screws, screw plugs)
  • Standard ranges (L12 and L16 ranges for setting up several fixtures)

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our system parts available for download in various formats.

The two modular fixture systems L12 and L16 are based on a 12 mm or 16 mm hole diameter / M12 or M16 thread size.

One range of system parts can be used to set up several different fixtures.