Młot­ki bru­kar­skie SIM­PLEX
Rubber composition with "Stand-Up" / nylon; with cast iron housing and Hickory handle

EH 3028.

Offering an insert combination of composite rubber / nylon, the SIMPLEX sledge hammer covers a wide range of applications and is therefore widely used in the metalworking industry. This top seller made by Halder has now been developed further:

Boasting an ingenious shape, the rubber insert with “stand-up” (3202.260) allows the hammer to stand securely on its head and reduces the need to bend over, making it possible to work in a much more ergonomic and back-friendly manner. Ultra low-wear, impact cushioning and odourless, the proven rubber blend offers a much longer service life than a conventional rubber hammer. 

The nylon insert (series 3208) offers outstanding impact qualities and is guaranteed to combine maximum strength with unique durability. It is composed of extruded and extremely homogeneous material. Compared to injection moulded plastic inserts, it is therefore considerably more wear-resistant and durable and will never chip even in sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, it is also oil and grease resistant.

Its 70cm hickory handle makes it possible to effortlessly grab the sledge hammer from a standing position.

Made of cast iron, the housing comes with an integrated handle protection sleeve that provides for a high level of break resistance.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.This version is available in the size D60mm. Also with a short handle (3028.260).

Product features:

  • Further development of Halder’s top seller: The rubber insert with “stand-up” (3202.260) combined with the 70cm handle ensures back-friendly working and reduces the need to bend over.
  • SIMPLEX sledge hammer with the insert combination of composite rubber (black, medium hard, impact cushioning, odourless, low-wear) / nylon (white, hard, very wear-resistant, no chipping even at tempeatures below zero, oil and grease resistant).
  • 70cm in length, the hickory handle can be easily grabbed from a standing position.
  • Cast iron housing with integrated handle protection sleeve and excellent break resistance.
  • All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great savings in cost and resources.
  • Available in size 60mm and with a short handle (3028.260).

Przykłady zastosowań

Montaż elementów ostrokątnych, montaż obudów, budowa instalacji przemysłowych, budowa hal / konstrukcji stalowych / stoisk wystawowych, naprawa / konserwacja maszyn / utrzymanie ruchu


Młotek posiada specjalną końcówkę „Stand-Up”, zamontowaną w obudowie.

Twój wybór zwrócił 2 trafień

Ø [mm]
lkopf [mm]
lhges [mm]
gewicht [g]
Nr towaru
Ø [mm]:
60 mm
lkopf [mm]:
150 mm
lhges [mm]:
780 mm
gewicht [g]:
1898 g
Nr towaru:
Młotek brukarski SIMPLEX
  • Ø: 60 mm
  • lkopf : 150 mm
  • lhges : 780 mm
  • Waga: 1898 g
Więcej szczegółów
Ø [mm]:
80 mm
lkopf [mm]:
175 mm
lhges [mm]:
800 mm
gewicht [g]:
3520 g
Nr towaru:
Młotek brukarski SIMPLEX
  • Ø: 80 mm
  • lkopf : 175 mm
  • lhges : 800 mm
  • Waga: 3520 g
Więcej szczegółów


wkładka 1

  • Kompozyt gumowy, czarny, z funkcją "Stand Up" 
  • Średnio twardy 
  • Tłumiące drgania
  • Bezzapachowy 
  • Odporny na ścieranie 

wkładka 2

  • Nylon, biały
  • twardy
  • Bardzo odporny na ścieranie
  • Odporny na działanie oleju i smarów


  • Żeliwo


  • Drewno hikorowe
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Karta katalogowa EH 3028. Młotki brukarskie SIMPLEX – Rubber composition with "Stand-Up" / nylon; with cast iron housing and Hickory handle
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