Spring Plungers
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Spring Plungers

Spring Plungers and Spring Bodies

Spring plungers are spring elements comprised of a ball and a pin. Spring plungers are also often referred to as ball catches. They are suitable for an extensive array of applications across a wide range of different industries, e.g. for fixing, locking in place, positioning and as a detent or for ejection.

The assembly procedure and the specific manufacturing process we use allow us to guarantee a superior level of functional reliability - for example, through certified spring loads and spring travel.

Our exhaustive product portfolio comprises a large number of in-stock designs:

  • With thread, for screw-in models (M3 to M24), and smooth press-in models (diameter 2 to 12 mm)
  • Bodies made of steel, stainless steel (1.4305), and plastic
  • Balls made of hardened steel, stainless steel (1.4305), plastic, and ceramic
  • Pins made of hardened steel, stainless steel (1.4305) and plastic
  • Various spring loads (light, standard, heavy)
  • Installation using internal hexagon and slot
  • With / without head (threaded model)
  • With / without collar (smooth model)

Spring plungers with a moving ball are the latest addition to the product family. As well as minimising wear on the counter piece, the plastic mounted balls are electrically insulated.

As an option complementing the threaded model, we also offer thread coatings.

Supplementing our metric product portfolio, selected designs are also available in inch dimensions.

For particular applications, special designs can also be designed and manufactured.