Mar­ti­llos de boca blan­da SIM­PLEX, car­ca­sa de hie­rro fun­di­do, con "le­van­ta­mien­to", mango extra corto

SIMPLEX soft-face mallets, cast iron housing, with "Stand-Up", extra short handle

It now stands on its head - insert with a new shape

Tired of bending over to reach your hammer? No problem: The SIMPLEX with "Stand-Up" always "has your back".

Its ingenoius shape (with "Stand-Up") allows this new hammer insert to stand securely on its head and reduces the need to bend over. 

Damping vibrations and shaped ergonomically, the high-quality and extra short wooden handle has a double coat of varnish in the grip area and is thus resistant to dirt.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.

Made of cast iron, the housing comes with an integrated handle protection sleeve that provides for a high level of break resistance.